Graphic Bloom is a great feature graphic loving people or who knows a little bit about Graphic fundamental & willing to interest in graphic profession. We r going to arrange a free monthly seminars about how to build career in Graphic Profession. We r the first 24 hours online graphic organization in Bangladesh, who has corporate service management. Every month we r going a a free seminar in the division in Bangladesh and then gradually marginalized people at the district level will have to serve the graphic.

Why Free Seminar?

By Organized free seminars in different districts or districts in the cities whatever we r finding talent or brilliant or graphic loving people who know fundamental graphic design tools, or better graphics well understand, interests, likes, and even able to work the normal way, and that was a good idea to select 3 people who are talented, we will work themselves, give the appropriate training, or even monthly basis will provide a amount of money, and even better service to all of our recommendations, and career will be. The benefit of the exchanges and increase job opportunities will increase. To reduce the unemployment rate.

Key features of the Free Seminars

There are many such organizations in Western countries. So it will benefit those who are new to the profession, despite the lack of money can free anyways. Despite the talent but failure developing. We find the people who finding opportunity. Who are creative or artistic and creative minds. His/her dream of planting the lives of those involved in the profession. Many people do not use the Internet at home to dream, to show them the right way, does not work more & more. After passed a certain period later to know about how to work properly, you will be gainer.

Of course, we believe in one thing, "Industry is root of all success’’ and if you think so, then come to us, we will not take any money from you. I'll show you a way to antisocial. By develop your talent, you can earn a lot of money by working at home. We showed a lot of money do not want to covet thee. When you have to spend some money, first you have to spend your labor. Secondly, your intelligence.

Seminar Fundamental’s

> Introduction to Graphic Design

> All about the Elements of Graphic Design

> Tools for Graphic Design

> The Steps of the Graphic Design Process

> Graphic Design Business Ideas and Tips

> Do they have a font or color for their branding?

> How to earn money online?

> How to bid for a Design? 

> World Famous Graphic Design Marketplaces Links 

> Online Banking & withdrawal


These days if you want to attend a free seminar, please, if you register now. It's free, does not require any money to participate in our seminar. Please fill in the following form with your information and details. We will notify you collect your data.