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Graphic Bloom is a digital experience agency combining research-driven strategy and inventive design to architect change and build the best experiences for our clients’ audiences. Unlike other agencies, we don’t have a hit list of big-name brands we want to stuff in our portfolio. We partner with people—courageous people, people who want change, and people who don’t just want to leave a dent in their industry, but a crater.


We listen before we create. To drive change, boost revenue, and transform your digital marketing, we take the time to fully understand your goals or problems. Using a proven process, every ounce of effort is poured into creating quality digital experiences backed by sound research and strategy. Like you, we’re here to grow your business, not figure things out as we go along.


We don’t believe in setting up barriers. Our solutions are born from honest, collaborative client–agency partnerships—not unveiling solutions we’ve cooked up on our own. We build the best digital experiences for your audience through thoughtful, collaborative strategy sessions and deep research. Basically, we want you in our whiteboard room writing on the walls with us.


We refine because we’re never satisfied. We test, hone, and customize our process to better suit your specific goals, and we work to redefine the digital experience in your industry. Plus, our work doesn’t end after launch. Every experience is continually refined based on website analytics and goal tracking to ensure that we’re creating intuitive experiences that transform your organization for the digital economy.

We learn about our clients’ challenges and aspirations, apply strategic thinking and experience, and create successful and sophisticated design.


Our process starts by listening to your story and asking questions about your challenges, goals and aspirations. Research and discovery provide insight into audience, environment, timing, requirements and constraints.


We apply what we learn and develop a strategic plan to achieve your goals. In collaborative working meetings with you, as well as our internal team, we identify and articulate the approach, marketing strategy, core messages, content structure (wireframes) and capture everything in a creative brief. This information also serves as criteria to evaluate our work throughout the project.


Our talented design team develops creative design choices together with our photography, development and writing partners; leading clients to the most effective and elegant solutions for identity, infographics and marketing materials across all media.


Good design takes time and co-operation. We understand that design is a business investment and as a result we will involve you in the process as much as possible. We want you to feel as passionate about the project as we do.


There’s no need to over egg the pudding. Sometimes less is more.


We aim to make sure that every project we do has a long shelf life. A really good piece of design should be timeless. Short term fixes inevitably require more time and effort than doing the project properly in the first place. We believe in all round efficiency.

We believe that it is every business’ responsibility to make sure that the work they produce doesn’t have a detrimental effect on our environment and whenever possible should try to use recycled materials.


We want you to get value for money when it comes to graphic design. We will work with you to develop and refine your ideas and wherever possible suggest alternatives that you may not have thought of. We are open about our strengths and weaknesses and if there is something that we cannot do personally, we will inform you of our intentions to bring someone on board who can.

We believe in being truthful in advertising and marketing. As a consumer we know what it is like to be disappointed by a sub-standard service or a false claim. We like it when businesses exceed our expectations rather than fail to match up to them.


You know your business; we don’t. Sometimes we might ask apparently simple questions about your business, but the more information we have about what you do, the better prepared we will be to deliver the right solution.

What we know about is graphic design. Every decision we make about a design solution is calculated and made for a reason. We want the aims and objectives of your business to be visually communicated in the best and most potent way possible.


Some say good design can be a risk. Yes, it takes a bold client to do something different from their competitors, but we believe it is more of a risk to blend in with the crowd than to stand out. Our aim is not to see your business fail, we want to see you grow and develop and push forward to bigger and better things.


We want to create you something beautiful. We want our designs to stir emotions and ask questions. We have the utmost pride in our work and will stop at nothing to find the right solution to your needs.


We believe in what we do and the benefits of good design. Good design doesn’t have to be unachievable to the small business owner – there is always an effective solution available. Design is about solving problems as much as attracting the eye.


If you have a project and you think we can help in any way, then please fill out the form to the right and press submit. Once received, we will endeavor to reply as soon as possible. Unless of course, you are spamming us and then we will most likely shun you and blow raspberries in your general direction